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Month: October 2018

Javascript Promise Tutorial

Hello gud people! JavaScript has developed a lot since its first use in Netscape browser. Today javascript powers most of the dynamic webpages and also has been adopted for backed systems and mobile application development. One of the hot topic of javascript is asynchronous programming […]

Using SHA hash in laravel authentication

Hello good people! recently our team had to upgrade our existing php project to laravel 5.6. The project was previously developed on code ignitor framework and all we had to do was to rewrite the entire project in laravel. In our project we had to […]

Handling Forms in React

Hello every one! In our previous tutorial we have learned to make api calls from react. Now we are almost ready to walk into fronted development world with react. In this tutorial we will see how to handle forms in react. We will also see […]

Making API requests in React

Hello good peolple! In our previous tutorial we made simple page to navigate routes between Home and About page. Well in this tutorial we will learn to make an API call and populate the response data in our components. For this tutorial we will be […]

React Routes

Hello everyone ! In our previous tutorial we discussed about react components, props  and state. In this section we will discuss about react router v4. Routes are import parts in react and every single page application maintains its routes as per their need.   Let’s […]

Getting Our Hands Dirty In React

Hello good people !  In this tutorial we will see how to setup basic react project. We will also learn about react components and render these components in our web page.   Let’s get started..   Let us first create our react projects as : […]

React JS Tutorial

Hello good people! In this tutorial series we will walk through the frontend web development with react. This series will just be a kind of short intro in React. The trends of web development has been changed drastically from the last few years. One of […]

How to respond videos and files in NodeJS

Hello good people! In this tutorial we will make our node server to respond files and videos. We have done something similar in java earlier. As we know that node can be very efficient in the case of performance over apache and ngix servers, so […]

More on JNI

Hello everyone in this tutorial we will dig deeper into the JNI. We will call C code form java and also call java code from C as well. We will also learn about the java strings,array and method signatures and finally implement them in our […]

A Hello World program in JNI

Hello every one ! In this tutorial we will make a simple hello world program by using JNI. I am using netbeans as my IDE. So first we will setup or project in Netbeans.   Let’s get started…   Make sure you have C/C++ plugin […]