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Focus on technology not the stack

Hello gud ppl! We all have been through all the fancy tech meetups and conferences. We have seen how the big guys tell that their tech stack is great. We have also seen the urgency to catch up with these big guys. They seem to […]

Risks of using innerHTML and outerHTML

Hello gud ppl! In this tutorial we will  see the risks of using innertHTML and outerHTML and inject javascript as string in a HTML page. You must have known to insert html element via innertHTML or outerHTML property which works fine for inserting html elements […]

How to create and verify JWT tokens via JWK endpoints for your microservices in node js

Hello gud ppl! In this tutorial we will see how can we create our own public JWK endpoint to verify our JWT token. JWT has been widely used in the design of modern microservices. It facilitates us to transfer payload via securely signed signature. One […]

Making a budget gaming PC in Nepal with AMD Ryzen series

Hello gud ppl! Today I am going to talk about my experience in making a budget gaming PC. I was always dreaming about my own PC setup since my childhood and recently I have upgraded my PC to some decent gaming experience. This post will […]

Making simple notification service using go and grpc

Hello gud ppl! Its been a while I have not written down new tutorials.  In this tutorial we will see how can we implement simple notification service in go lang using gRPC. We will also see what gRPC is and its use cases. We will […]

Agenda and Agendash for Scheduling in Node.js with MongoDB

Hello friends, How are you? Here we begin the adventurous journey with Agenda for the scheduling in Node.js. There are various library out in the land of npm for  scheduling  the task in node such as corn, plain setTimeout() and setInterval() func  which will solve […]

How to deploy Keras model with TensorFlow Model Server using docker container

Hello gud ppl! In this tutorial we will learn to server our Keras model with TensorFlow server. I don’t know if its the best approach. But this is something that I have done in one of my project. We will also wrap the server in […]

Working with RecyclerView in Android with Kotlin

Hello gud ppl! In this tutorial we will work on android RecyclerView with Kotlin . This tutorial will walk through the basic of android RecyclerView. So what is a RecyclerView? Well RecyclerView is a ViewGroup. So what is ViewGroup? Well ViewGroup is a View 🙂 . So what is View? Now […]

Animation in Javascript with AIJAS

Hello gud ppl! In this article we will see how to create complex  javascript animation in you browser with the help of AIJAS. AIJAS is a animation library that lets you to create javascript animations in similar ways as that of android. The library is […]

About Video Streaming

Hello gud ppl! In this blog we will see the different aspects of video streaming and how can it be achieved. With the increasing amount of social media influence and mobile phones users, any media platform will feel a need of media streaming. However there […]