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Making a budget gaming PC in Nepal with AMD Ryzen series

Making a budget gaming PC in Nepal with AMD Ryzen series

Hello gud ppl! Today I am going to talk about my experience in making a budget gaming PC. I was always dreaming about my own PC setup since my childhood and recently I have upgraded my PC to some decent gaming experience. This post will be based on components available in Nepalese market along with their price. The price is the based on the market value at the time of writing this blog.


Let’s get started…


When it comes to PC build processor is the key component. In terms of desktop PC there is no other options than Intel and AMD. In my opinion, for the budget gaming AMD Ryzen has the best performance per rupee. The main reason for this is the backward compatibility and different price range for AMD processors. AMD has promised to provide the backward compatibility for AM4 boards until 2020. So the latest Ryzen 3000 series processor will work on older mother like B350 with simple BIOS update.


Choosing the processor


In terms of pricing as well AMD processors can be found at way lower prices than then Intel ones. The Ryzen 5 2600 processor with 6 cores and 3.4GHz clock speed  with boost clock upto 3.9Ghz costs about Rs 25000 where as a intel i5 8600K with 6 cores and 3.6 GHz clock speed and 4.3GHz boost costs about Rs. 33000 in Nepal. You can get the same specs with Ryzen 5 3600 which  has 6 cores, 3.6 GHz clock speed and 4.2GHz boost clock speed at Rs. 29000.

The recent Ryzen 7 3700X costs about Rs.45000 this can be a beast for an ultimate gaming experience. However if you are a budget builder then my suggestion would be to go for Ryzen 5 2600 or Ryzen 5 3600.


Why is backward comparability important ?


If you build your desktop PC then you should always put an option for upgrading it in near future. Many people might choose the low budget option and miss some serious feature which  they could have gained with just few more bucks. So AMD Ryzen stands here at the top as the older AM4 motherboards are supported by the newer processor. Atleast till 2020 as promise by AMD!


Choosing the right mother board


When it comes to motherboard you can get different ranges of it. A320 costs about Rs 12000 in Nepal on the other hand B450 motherboards costs almost about Rs. 22500. So which one should you choose? I suggest you go for some decent motherboard like B350 which can be found for like Rs.16000 in Nepal. If you choose A320 at the moment then it lacks some features like overclocking which you may need in coming future. It also has only two slots for RAM so you may need to get  a new RAM when an upgrade is required. You can also go for mother boards like X470 which can be bought for about Rs 20000 in the market. In my case I got a msi X470 motherboard at Rs.19500.


The graphic card option


Graphic card is one most expensive component that can really shrink your budget. So choosing graphic card also has the same criteria for selection. Do you need to use the same graphic card for decent gaming experience in coming future or you are going to buy new one in future because your graphic card then is sort of outdated? Now saying so you  may wanna go for expensive ones like RTX 2080 when you are having some old i3 series processor! That will be a waste of money! Or your may again waste you money by combining your Ryzen 5 3700X with the GTX 950m. So what should be your choice?

I think going with some decent graphic card like nvedia’s GTX 1660 or AMD’s RX 580 will be a wise choice.


The RGB’s stuff!..


Now in gaming RGB craze is like a big thing. But if you don’t think RGB has any thing to do with you then don’t buy RGB components! Just get some decent component at much lower prices. You can infact add some of the budgets for some components that you might get more performance per rupee. A 3000Mhz 16GB Ram with RGB costs about Rs. 14000 where as the same RAM costs about Rs. 10500 without RGB.

So the choice is yours. Do you want RGB? If yes get it! If no add that budget for upgrading your components.


Casing and power supply


Now if you are getting a gaming setup then you must have a good cooling system. If possible we will talk about cooling later but the important part is that your case must be able to handle the heat inside with proper air flow. So get some decent case with good airflow and larger space as per the requirement.

In terms of power supply know your components demand first then add some power for the upgrades that you may require in future as well. Lets say your system needs 550W at the moment then why not get a power supply with 650 watts so that we can add some more components in future without a need to buy a new powers supply for the system.

You can get a decent case for about Rs 10,000 and it would be more better if you can find one with built in power supply which is enough for your power estimates.


Thank you for reading!