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Why you should not use react native

Why you should not use react native

Hello gud ppl! Today I am going to share my experience in the react native. To be honest my experience was not the best. React native has been around for few years and developers including me have been really excited by the ability to develop native app with this framework. I have developed few apps in android, and java was alway my pick. For one of my electron app I decided to use react native. It was fairy a good choice to use react native, as I can make use of the most of the JS code.

Phase I: Diving into React Native


Diving into react native was very easy. I followed the official react native docs, the installation was pretty straight froward and within few minutes I was busy coding. Having early experience in react JS was very helpful as most of the concept is pretty straight forward like components, states …  blah blah blah !!!

I was totally excited when I had my first react native app running on my phone. Any developer will get in love with react native in the beginning. Its fun and  very easy to get started with.

Phase II: Deep into React Native


Diving into react native brings much of the challenge. The worst part is you need to use so many third party libraries for very simple task, say for like working with files. Saying so some developers might say we can go for native code that we can add with react native. I totally agree with you guys but being promised for native app development, I thinks its fair that we developers can expect these basic features integrated in the react native core modules. Besides all developers are not used to coding for both android and IOS including me.

Phase III: The frustration


The main frustration I found was maintaining the project. The app gradually becomes more and more dependent on the third party modules. These modules may or may not get maintained in the corse of time. For me there were many open issues of these libraries unresolved and maintaining them was very difficult. For any one working with react native recently I would like you guys to choose these libraries wisely.




React native is good for basic app development, there’s no doubt on that. Getting a simple screen loaded on your phone or making a API call is pretty easy. Also for the react developers it will be a piece of cake. But as your app grows and it demand more features, you may be wondering around using third party even for very basic tasks. I think if you are interested in javascript and you want few featured simple app react native will undoubtedly be the best choice, but If you want to grow you app then I don’t see react native being a good choice.


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